£60k skills boost for young people in Fife and Falkirk

Young people in Fife and Falkirk are set to benefit from £60,000 of funding which will enable resilience training to continue to be delivered until 2022, it was announced this week.

Designed by LinkLiving and funded by Young Start, the Steps to Resilience programme works with young people to build confidence and the skills required to enable them to work towards positive outcomes in life.

LinkLiving employability development manager, Nicky Paton said: “We are delighted Young Start has provided this funding and the team looks forward to working with more young people.

“The target audience for Steps to Resilience is young people who have not enjoyed the easiest of starts to life, for a range of reasons, including being in care, childhood trauma, difficult family circumstances and mental health problems.

“We have been running Steps to Resilience successfully for two years and witnessed many positive outcomes for the people who have attended the sessions.”

The funding from Young Start will enable LinkLiving to deliver courses in Falkirk for 60 14 to 16-year olds, and courses in Fife and Falkirk for 30 people aged 17 to 24 over the next three years.

The course will offer young people a tailored 10-week programme, consisting of 40 sessions to build resilience and improve mental and physical wellbeing by developing effective coping mechanisms and strategies.

Group activities include nutrition and exercise, confidence-building, self-defence, stress-management, problem-solving and teambuilding.

Steps to Resilience can also provide one-to-one support to identify opportunities such as volunteering or accessing specialist local services.

To find out more about the course, please visit www.linkliving.org.uk/link-academy/employability-courses/