Launching our new campaign

We all know that things are difficult in the world right now, as everyone attempts to get to grips with the life-changing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Here at LinkLiving we’re supporting around 1,500 of the most vulnerable, isolated, and often traumatised people across east central Scotland who really need someone at this time.

We won’t sugar coat it. Things are very challenging. Some of those we support have the virus, and others are self-isolating. Some staff are too.

Many are alone, without the support LinkLiving usually provides. Managing our 24/7 accommodation gives additional challenges for both resident and staff wellbeing in the current crisis. 

These people have already been through so much.

Many have experienced traumas and disadvantage, such as being emotionally, physically or sexually abused. This can lead to anxiety, poor mental health, difficulties with relationships, with managing day to day life or holding down a job.

We are all anxious and scared right now, but for people who have previously experienced trauma, or who are already isolated and lonely, the pandemic is magnifying their existing difficulties.

But we are determined to reach out, and so we have today launched our new campaign, A Ray of Sunshine.

To do this, we’ve asked our staff to help us bring a little sunshine in the darkness, which we’ll share across our LinkLiving website and social media channels over the coming weeks. They are the experts, and so whilst face to face activity isn’t possible we’re giving them the reins to our digital and social channels.

Things we’ve got planned:

  • Hints and tips on how to cope during this lockdown from setting a routine to sleeping well, all aimed at supporting better mental health
  • Ideas for eating healthily (and easily, too!)
  • Book recommendations for the kids – including where to find free resources
  • A brand new weekly online ‘TV show’ called, A Ray of Sunshine to be broadcast on Facebook which will bring the best of the week’s ideas together
  • And there’s some surprises planned along the way, too...

On a day to day level our support workers continue to engage with those they help, providing specific tailored support and advice.

Our little ray of sunshine is designed to be something that offers a little more golden light.

Everything you will see is designed to support those we regularly help, but we know this is a time when many people will be struggling to cope.

As such, we hope our campaign will help anyone who need some support right now.

You can help us by sharing our content onto your own social channels, or tagging friends and family who might benefit, too. Please also feel free to comment, including suggesting your own ideas. 





Alongside our campaign, we are making a fundraising ask for those who could and would like to support those who need our help most. We know these are difficult times but every donation counts. Even the cost of your daily take away coffee or sweet treat that you can no longer have, would make an enormous difference.

Find out more here on our campaign microsite,

A Ray of Sunshine

More advice & support

Get the latest  news, tips and ideas, as well as our online TV programme, The Weekly Ray, here!