LinkLiving launches new marketing campaign

LinkLiving has launched a new marketing campaign to highlight the positive impact its Steps To Resilience programme has on young people aged 14-25 living in east central Scotland.

Steps to Resilience is a 10-week trauma-informed personal development programme which gives young people the skills to effectively manage their mental health and increase their resilience, enabling them to cope with life’s challenges.

Sarah Smith, director of LinkLiving, said: “Steps To Resilience is based on the belief young people can be supported to turn the survival tools they have gained through adverse circumstances into positive skills, ultimately leading to helping them into work or other positive destinations.

“The new four-week marketing campaign consists of short films of the young people who have participated in Steps to Resilience, along with parents, teachers and agencies such as DYW.”

You can get involved in the campaign by following LinkLiving on: