Introducing A Ray of Sunshine

We support over 1,500 of the most vulnerable, isolated and often traumatised people.

Many of them have absolutely no one to turn to, to listen, reassure, or hold their hand.

They may be young people who have come from care or who have been homeless, many of whom have experienced trauma.

It could be adults who have experienced childhood trauma, or who have severe and enduring mental health problems. And also older people who have become isolated and lonely.

We support people in the community within their own homes and in our supported accommodation run 24/7 by our dedicated staff teams.

We are facing the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our role is to support an extremely vulnerable, often traumatised, group of people who really need someone at this time.

Many are alone, without the support LinkLiving usually provides. Managing our 24/7 accommodation gives additional challenges for both resident and staff wellbeing in the current crisis.

These people have already been through so much.

Many have traumas and disadvantages, such as a being emotionally, physically or sexually abused. This can lead to anxiety, poor mental health, difficulties with relationships, with managing day to day life or holding down a job.

We are all anxious and scared right now, but for people who have already experienced trauma, or who are already isolated and lonely, the pandemic is magnifying their existing difficulties.

Some of the people we support have the coronavirus and many, particularly the older people, are having to self-isolate.

How things stand at LinkLiving

Many of our staff are also having to self-isolate, and we’re recruiting new colleagues quickly to help more people in these challenging times.

When you pair all of this with the day to day realities of supporting people through Covid-19, then things really are very difficult.

There’s no sugar-coating this. It’s a desperate time. We’re being stretched to the limit, but we’re determined to reach out.

We’re adapting, delivering support differently, and working very hard to ensure nobody is alone.


Please support us 

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