Support for carers

We offer care and support, self-help and respite services for unpaid carers working in our communities.

We understand being a carer is a rewarding job, but it can also sometimes be very demanding one.

We want you to know we can provide continuity of care and support to your dependent, standing by as a flexible backup option when needed. We aim to be caring, supportive, empathetic, responsive, reassuring and respectful.

Ways we can help

We can help you:

  • take respite from your caring
  • reduce isolation by helping participate in your community
  • access tools and skills to manage effects of stress associated with caring
  • connect with additional support and specialist services

Our services

We have a number of services in Fife which provides support to carers:

  • Our social cafes run by RealLiving, in Torryburn and Rosyth, offer respite for carers
  • Our Carers' Self-Help Project provides support for carers of children, young people and adults with autistic spectrum conditions living 
  • Our Fife Support team provides respite to carers as part of its Care at Home Service

More information

If you would like more information about the services we offer or would like to access any of the services listed above please contact us.