Life in lockdown with Jamie Mowbray

Jamie Mowbray (20) from Anstruther in Fife, a dad of two, is a former Steps To Resilience participant, and has revealed that the strategies he learned on the programme are helping him to cope during lockdown. 

The 20-year-old is trying to implement routines into his daily life that are giving him focus, and structure.

He is using exercise, cooking, and regular conversations to fill his time. 

We caught up with Jamie to find out about what he is doing to help with his mental health and wellbeing during lockdown.

Jamie said: “It’s a funny time, I’ve got two kids, and they keep me busy and my mind off things. 

“It’s about keeping myself busy and focusing on tasks. I like to complete things, and get that feeling of accomplishing something. For example, getting up and tidying the room, making the bed, a nice cup of tea, and maybe some exercise”

Jamie has been in regular contact with Steps To Resilience support worker Michael Fong, and he says the daily chats help with the current circumstances. 

Jamie added: “Michael is a great guy; it is good to have a chat, and to hear a different voice. 

“We usually do a workout via Zoom, and have a chat about what we’ve been doing during Lockdown, and it’s good to have different conversations, and to get that fitness in together.

“It’s now so regular we are thinking of trying yoga, instead of our usual workout. 

“I do like to cook too, it helps around the house with my family, but I like that feeling of accomplishment when I put out the finished meal. 

“I’d recommend to anyone at home to stay organised, try new things, and set little tasks for yourself throughout the day. It’s really helped me.”