Link Academy

Link Academy is a SQA accredited training centre which provides a wide range of SCQF qualifications and employability support that can help people to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to secure employment.

LinkLiving defines employability as the attitude, behaviour, knowledge, and skills a person needs to get a job, maintain that job and do the job well.

What do we do

Looking for a job can sometimes be a disheartening experience, but the team from Link Academy don’t want people to give up. 

Link Academy runs a range of structured employability courses in Edinburgh, Falkirk, and Fife.  The dedicated team works with people to improve their self-confidence and teach them useful coping strategies to support their mental health. They can help clients to secure work and voluntary placements enabling them to meet new people and gain valuable work experience.  

How we can help you

The Link Academy runs a wide range of SQA and City and Guilds accredited courses in Edinburgh, Falkirk, and Fife.

By completing these courses, people won't just gain new qualifications, but will also learn valuable life skills, improve their self-confidence, and gain knowledge and experience that will stand out to potential employers.

City and Guilds Basic IT

The City and Guilds Basic IT course teaches new and vital digital skills, which can help students access a career in IT.

Employability Award SCQF Level 3 and 4

The Employability Award helps people to prepare for employment through skills development. Students learn about the responsibilities of employment and how to deal with difficult work situations.

Units covered:

  • Preparing for employment
  • Building employability skills 
  • Responsibilities of employment 
  • Dealing with difficult work situations 

Leadership Award SCQF Level 5 and 6

The Leadership Award teaches students how to take on a leadership role, the different styles of leadership, and how to plan group activities. 

Units covered:

  • Leadership - An introduction 
  • Leadership - In practice 

Personal Development Award SCQF Level 4 and 5

The Personal Development Award teaches students practical living skills and helps them develop self-awareness through the course’s independent learning approach.

Units covered:

  • Practical skills 
  • Self-awareness 
  • Self and work 
  • Self and community 

Tenancy and Citizenship SCQF Level 4

The Tenancy and Citizenship Award teaches students various independent living skills.

Units covered:

  • Gaining and sustaining a tenancy 
  • Looking after your home
  • Living in a community 
  • Principles of money 

Volunteer Skills Award SCQF Level 4 and 5

The Volunteers Skills Award helps students learn more about volunteering, how to plan a voluntary placement and how to review and improve upon their own skills and experience. 

Units covered:

  • Preparing to volunteer 
  • Volunteer experience 
  • Volunteering investigative report

Working Safely SCQF Level 5

Completing the Working Safely course will give students an overview of health and safety procedures and how to adhere to them in the workplace.

How can you get support

Link Academy tailors courses to meet individual learning needs thereby ensuring that everyone gets the best possible learning experience.  The central learning hub is based in McKinven House facility in Falkirk, although we also have facilities in Edinburgh, and Fife.

For more information on the above courses, please contact us on 01324 466 860 or by email at

Thank you to our funders

This service is supported by Link Group, the National Lottery Community Fund, the Gannochy Trust, John Scott Charitable Trust, JP Morgan, and receives local authority funding.