Employability Services - Clackmannanshire

We provide a wide range of employability services to help people into jobs across Clackmannanshire.

We deliver these services at two locations in Alloa.

Through the Link Academy, we will help you develop vital skills, knowledge and experience needed to secure an interview, and more importantly, secure a job.

What do we do

We run a number of employability services, volunteer programmes, and SQA courses, all of which can help give you a kick start onto the career ladder.

How we can help you

The following courses are available to people living in the Clackmannanshire area:

SQA Qualifications

We offer a range of SQA Qualifications in Clackmannanshire. These courses will help participants learn valuable new skills, improve  self-confidence, and gain knowledge and experience that will stand out to potential employers.

More information

If you would like more information about any of our employability courses in Falkirk please contact us.