Fife Older Persons' Service

Our Older Persons' Service recruits, supports, and trains people as volunteer befrienders.

There is a high rate of loneliness in Fife, particularly amongst older people, and our befrienders provide much-needed companionship and support to help older people become more involved in their local communities across Fife.

By enabling older people to be connected, rather than cut-off, the volunteers improve quality of life and delay or avoid the need for more intensive support.

What do we do

The service matches trained volunteers with vulnerable older people to provide person-centred befriending support in people’s homes and in their communities.

We recognise that a lot of older people need help to get out of the house, need someone to talk to or help with small jobs around the house. So our volunteer befrienders offer support to help them reduce social isolation and expand their social networks and to increase resilience.

We also run social cafes in Rosyth, Torryburn, and Cowdenbeath.

Volunteers organise a range of activities and trips for the members who attend the cafes. Due to the current situation, these cafes are being run digitally. 

How we help

We deliver opportunities to participate in meaningful activities at our social cafes or by one-to-one befriending, giving older people much needed companionship and support to become more involved in their local communities.

We work with volunteers, offering a network of skills, practical help and friendship which benefits everyone involved whether helping or being helped.

We reduce the prospects of members becoming socially isolated again and support people to improve or manage their mental and physical health.

I had not been out of the house in years before I got support from a befriender.

Older Persons' service member

More information

If you would like more information on our Older Persons' service please contact us.