Steps To Resilience

Steps To Resilience is an award-winning programme which supports young people aged 14-15 and 16-25 who have had adverse childhood experiences resulting from disadvantage and social exclusion.

These experiences often result in low self-esteem and confidence, poor mental health and a pattern of destructive behaviours. 

Steps To Resilience provides these young people with tools to better manage their mental health and break out of negative and destructives cycles of behaviour and thinking, with the aim of putting them on the path to having the best life possible.

What we do

The course features a series of interactive workshops delivered across nine weeks, with a final residential week on week 10. Steps To Resilience uses approaches and technology to mirror real-life situations which may trigger fear or anxiety. Our highly experienced team then supports participants to practice techniques to better manage these emotions.

In addition to teaching practical coping strategies, the course provides knowledge of the body’s automatic responses when feeling threatened so participants can recognise symptoms early and positively change their responses to stressful situations.

Catch the Light

We have been running Steps To Resilience courses for 16-25 year olds for three years and recently adapted and extended this to meet the needs of 14-15 year olds. A report on the first pilot programme for 14-15 year olds has been produced by independent youth work consultancy, Catch the Light. You can read this below:

More information

For more information about referring a young person to Steps To Resilience, or to refer yourself, please get in touch.