Torryburn Social Cafe

The Torryburn Social Cafe helps older people who are isolated, lonely or affected by illness to become more involved in their local communities. 

The social cafes are run by a group of volunteers who help carers and people with dementia to live positive and fulfilling lives.

What do we do

We recruit and support individuals to become volunteers who can then be matched with an older person to help them attend a social group, provide help with simple practical tasks or just to meet to go shopping or go out for a coffee.

The befriending service gives older people much needed companionship and encouragement to become more involved in social activities.

How we help

We have a number of volunteers who run a social cafe each Tuesday at Torryburn Community Hall from 10.30am - 12.30pm.

The café is a real lifeline for the local community whilst offering valuable respite to carers - who are in most cases family members. 

The cafe gets involved in and organises various community events, such as taking part in The Big Fit Walk along with pupils from Torryburn Primary School.

I wouldn’t be without the café. It makes such a difference for all of us – it is much better than sitting in the house all the time looking at the square box in the corner.

Social Cafe Member

More information

The project is always looking for volunteers to help out and donations to keep it running. If you would like more information about the project please contact us.