What we do

We understand that looking for a job can sometimes be a disheartening experience, but we don’t want you to give up. 

We run a number of structured employability courses in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife and Clackmannanshire.

By employability, we mean the attitude, behaviour, knowledge and skills people need to get a job, stay in a job and do the job well.

How we can help you

Our dedicated team will work with you to improve your self-confidence and teach you useful coping strategies.

We can also help you secure work and voluntary placements which will help you meet new people and gain valuable work experience.  

Who are the courses available to?

We tailor our courses to various groups of people in order to give you the best possible learning experience. 

Our Step On Up and Steps To Resilience courses are aimed at 14 to 16 and 16 to 25 year olds.

More information

For more information on the employability courses we run, or to sign up to one of our courses, please contact us.