What do we mean by support?

We recognise that every person is unique. So the support we provide is person-centred.

We tailor support to individual needs, and help develop skills and confidence, to ensure people have choice and control over the support they receive. 

We want to help people build on their strengths and abilities and help them reduce or overcome any barriers they have to achieve the best life possible.

What types of support do we offer?

We offer various types of support - it can be practical, emotional or it can facilitate personal development and community inclusion. 

The types of support we can offer include:

  • help with practical tasks such as budgeting, shopping and cooking
  • help and advice with rent, benefits and utilities
  • support with some aspects of personal care
  • help with maintaining good physical and mental health
  • emotional support with issues such as low self-esteem or confidence
  • support to develop the skills needed to access a range of training, education, employment and volunteering opportunities
  • help to address drug, alcohol or gambling addictions
  • support to build relationships with others and participate in their communities

How much support do you offer?

The amount of support we offer ranges from a couple of hours a week to 24/7 support. We provide visiting support to people in their own homes and to people living in our supported accommodation projects.

What types of specialist support do you offer?

We have a range of specialist services where people can access all of the support listed above. But, our support workers within each of these services have particular experience and expertise in issues that people accessing the specialist services will be experiencing.

These include:

More information

If you need help to get support or want to know what support service might be available to you, then please contact us.