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What we do

Supported self-help deals with the challenges of today: the focus is not what happened in the past and there is no requirement to discuss this.

We support people to develop tools and techniques to better manage their mental health.  The service is delivered via up to eight 1:1 sessions with a self-help coach, and is available to individuals 16 years and over based in Fife whose lives are negatively affected by childhood trauma.

Better Than Well also run training and learning events for other organisations in Fife to increase awareness of the impact of childhood trauma, share good practice, and encourage people to get involved with the Better Than Well programme.

The service has been brilliant. It took a lot for me to come in the door but I was able to feel relaxed and at ease straight away knowing someone was willing to help me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I've used all the tools you have given me.

Someone supported by Better Than Well

What is trauma?

Trauma can be viewed as an event, series of events or set of circumstances experienced as physically or emotionally harmful or life threatening with lasting adverse effects such as feelings of fear and helplessness. 

Examples of traumatic events in childhood include:

  • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Neglect
  • Witnessing abuse and violence

How we can help you

The self-help coaches use a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT based approach which introduces resources, techniques, and tools tailored to help people:

  • Recognise and understand the impact of trauma
  • Identify personal outcomes and how to work towards them
  • Connect to other services and sources of support in the community
  • To improve mental wellbeing

Find out how Better Than Well has helped Jax to cope with her previous traumatic events below: 


It's not just Jax that has seen the benefit of the Better Than Well self-help sessions: 

I've struggled to cope with anxiety, trauma and panic attacks since I was 15 and I've looked in many places for help but never found anyone who really either listened, cared or had time or funding to help me. I had grown accustomed to being missed off lists and encountering nothing but barriers and significant delays. Then I met the self-help coach, who is truly an angel. For the first time in my medical history, someone took the time to listen to me, but not only that, she listened to me so well she was able to understand, finally, what I couldn’t find the words to say. Things that I didn’t understand were happening to me, but she was able to recognise them and that somehow made them suddenly so much easier to cope with. She was able to see what I needed help with and each week she showed me kindness, compassion, and utter professionalism I just feel I couldn't have coped without her.

Someone supported by Better Than Well

How can you get support

Better Than Well offers support to all residents in Fife over the age of 16.  For residents in the Northeast and Southwest communities this will only be available via phone or video call.  For all other localities, there is a blended model of delivery with face-to-face meetings, video, or telephone sessions available.  For more information on the service or for a referral to the Better Than Well service, please fill in the relevant referral form below, or email or contact us. 

Self Referral Form 

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Thank you to our funders

The service is funded by the Scottish Government's Survivor Support and Development fund and the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership Action 15.


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