Mindset and Perception

This workshop is for participants who would like to enhance their knowledge of mindset and perception and how it can affect our daily interactions and choices. This workshop demonstrates how mindset influences our thinking, behaviour process, and how it can be shaped through different interventions.   

What will you learn?  

You will understand the effects of mindset on behaviour and consider useful techniques to develop a positive mindset.  Participants will   

  • Recognise how subjective perception can be  
  • Understand mindset and effects on behaviour  
  • Consider how thoughts influence behaviour  
  • Identify ways to positively change mindsets  

The session covers:  

  • What is perception and how do we demonstrate it?  
  • Needs vs wants  
  • Mindsets   
  • What is an attitude and belief?  
  • Growth vs fixed mindset  
  • Fear responses that hinder mindset  
  • How to change your mindset  

How is it delivered? 

This is a 3-hour session and can be delivered face-to-face or online.  All our sessions involve a mix of thought-provoking content, group discussion and interactive activities to cater for different learning styles.  

Where is the course held? 

LinkLiving Skills Academy delivers across Scotland both online and face-to-face. We can deliver training at a venue of your choice* or we can organise your session at one of our training venues located in Edinburgh, Fife, or Falkirk. All our venues are modern and easily accessible and suitable for all your training needs.

How much does it cost? 

£450 per workshop Max 15 participants  

*Additional costs for travel and accommodation may apply, depending on location.  Please contact us for more information or to discuss.    

When can I take part?   

Please contact us on 01324 466 860 or  skillsacademy@linkliving.org.uk  for upcoming course dates or to discuss in more detail.    

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