Fife Visiting Support Services

The Fife Visiting Support Services provide tailored one-to-one support to meet the specific support needs of each individual.

We also offer the following groups:

  • Men’s group
  • Online cooking group
  • Link Toun Social (Choir)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Walking group

How we can help you

We have three distinct projects within Fife Visiting Support Services:

Short-Term Housing Support is available for approximately six months to help people develop the independent living skills they need to live well in their homes.

Our Care at Home Service supports people over the age of 16 with a range of challenges or disabilities to remain independent in their own homes.  

Our Fife Refugee Resettlement Project supports refugees and their families based in Fife to live independently in Scotland.  The service supports people from their arrival in Scotland to becoming part of their communities, moving on to employment, studying, and volunteering.

It has made such a difference to my life and my relative's life knowing that we have support coming in. It has really helped and they are so caring and supportive.

Family member of someone supported by our Short Term Housing Support Service

How can you get support

Our services are available to Fife residents over the age of 16. 

Referrals to the Short-Term Housing Support service are made through a shared access referral system which is managed by Fife Council.

Referrals to the Care at Home service can be funded by Social Work Service as Self Directed Support or individuals can pay privately. 

Referrals to the Fife Refugee Resettlement Project come from the Home Office through Fife Council. 

If you would like more information please contact us.

I write as a service user of LinkLiving to give thanks for their amazing help and support during the months of lockdown. My support worker kept me going day after day, week after week, when all my other friends and supports were missing. Not only did she phone me almost every day, encouraging me to get out of bed or do chores, not only did she give a sympathetic ear to all my problems and concerns and feelings, she also quite readily and willingly went to the shops to get things for me, like toiletries or medicines. She has been so reliable and helpful, and then she started seeing me in the garden as soon as she could: sometimes from week to week I saw only her. She became my one 'friendly face' in a long time of incredible loneliness and isolation. I honestly would not have got through it without her!

Someone supported by our Fife Care at Home Service

Thank you to our funders

This service is funded by Fife Council and Fife Public Social Partnership.  

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